LOEP Ep. 3 “Ferg’s Fancy”


DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 3 “Ferg’s Fancy”

Welcome to episode 3 of LOEP! Tonight, Ferg hosts as Chris, Doug, Mark, Matt, and Zerb converge on such topics as friendship, disease, and processed foods. All things when mixed together, can taste funny. Enjoy!



LOEP Ep. 2 “Doug’s Delivery”

LOEP Ep. 2 Doug's Duties

DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 2 “Doug’s Delivery”

Welcome to Ep. 2 of “The League of Extraordinary Podcasters”! Tonight we discuss the Y2K Bug, TUPA Bunkers, Faux Rave, Prancercise, Things not to discuss, and our favorite vehicles for transportation. Enjoy!

LOEP Ep. 1 “Tupa’s Topics”

Extra Love Framed

DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 1 “Tupa’s Topics”

Welcome to our first episode of “The League of Extraordinary Podcasters”. We are six extraordinary podcasters have come to the table to have an extraordinary discussion and share it with you. Join Chris, Doug, Ferg, Mark, Matt, and Zerb as we trip the pod fantastic and make you laugh, think, and cry. Enjoy!

Mr. Christopher Tupa ( http://www.ctupa.com )
Mr. Doug McCoy ( http://www.mccoycast.wordpress.com )
Mr. Ferg Ferguson ( http://www.2600gamebygamepodcast.blogspot.com )
Mr. Mr. Matt Lappie ( http://www.extrapod.wordpress.com )
Mr. Mark David Little ( http://www.tubetunes.net)
Mr. Zerb Zerbinator (http://www.zerbinator.wordpress.com)