LOEP Ep. 3 “Ferg’s Fancy”


DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 3 “Ferg’s Fancy”

Welcome to episode 3 of LOEP! Tonight, Ferg hosts as Chris, Doug, Mark, Matt, and Zerb converge on such topics as friendship, disease, and processed foods. All things when mixed together, can taste funny. Enjoy!



LOEP Ep. 2 “Doug’s Delivery”

LOEP Ep. 2 Doug's Duties

DOWNLOAD: LOEP Ep. 2 “Doug’s Delivery”

Welcome to Ep. 2 of “The League of Extraordinary Podcasters”! Tonight we discuss the Y2K Bug, TUPA Bunkers, Faux Rave, Prancercise, Things not to discuss, and our favorite vehicles for transportation. Enjoy!